Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pinterest Favourites January


Vintage Look is also so cute! Have to have a sweet stall and want bags matching colour scheme for everyone to help themselves

❥Teresa Restegui ❥

illustration: Mon carnet

I haven't relly been on Pinterest a lot in the past month but these are some of the things i have pinned. I was looking up a lot of wedding things (always good to be prepared) including cake decorations and i fell in love with the decoration floral artwork on the cupcake! It's so gentle and would look so cute with lots of little cupcakes like that. 

I also love the idea of having stalls at a wedding where people can have a mooch around and espciaclly stalls with food on so poeple can help themselves to what they want. Though in the UK i think you'de have to be lucky to have something like this outside - i'd be too paranoid about bugs anyway.

I really want to get back into art this year i used to love it but since starting work (4 years ago!) i really don't feel like i have the time but it's something i love so i plan on doing more. I really like the delicate look of watercolour paint and pastel colours. I really enjoy just doodling or drawing floral designs too because i'm not good at real life or portraits!

What have you been pinning this month?



  1. I love the cupcake, it's so pretty!

    Kimberley x

  2. I need to get Pinterest I feel like like i am missing out!


  3. Aww I adore the "Love is sweet" table, so pretty! And those cupcakes are intricate little beauties! x