Sunday, 9 February 2014

Are face wipes good for your skin?

You may not need all those lotions and potions after all. (Corbis)

I'd never thought about this before; i always use face wipes to remove my make up because it's the easiest way and i can see literally that i've got it off but it made me think the other night what am i actually putting on my face?!

I Googled it and it really got me thinking; all those chemicals that dissolve the make up and then the chemicals in them to give them good shelf life really can't be good for my skin. The skin on your face is going to be sensitive anyway so why am i treating it to so many chemicals.

I really am quite lazy and just want something quick to get my make up off; don't get me wrong i never leave my make up on overnight but i can't be doing with half an hour just to remove something that took me ten minutes to put on.

So the question is; what routine do you do to remove your make up? 



  1. That sure is a good question to ask oneself.... i do follow the clean-cleanse-moisturize routine for my skin before hitting the bed. No doubt sometimes i feel lazy to do,so i keep a small bedside mirror and that motivates me to get up and spend those precious 5-7 minutes for myself.
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  2. i always use makeup wipes and then i make sure to cleanse my face after. hopefully it's not too bad for me!

    xx fameliquorlove