Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What Parsnip got for Christmas and Poorly Parsnip

I was so super excited about Christmas for the fact that i couldn't wait to give Parsnip his presents. I believe everyone should be spoilt at Christmas; be that human or animal. I love seeing him get excited and i knew he would love more toys.


Christmas morning breakfast 

Firstly i know he won't really use these but i thought they were adorable! I the lovely little bag off Not On The Highstreet where i personalised it and now i can keep spare toys and treats in there. I just thought it was like him having his own little Christmas stocking!

The hanging sign i got from Ebay; i just couldn't resist! Though i have yet to decide how to attach it to his hutch or where to hand it but it's lovely hand painted :)

I then got him some gnaw sticks though I'm not too sure how much he's used these but from a great brand i'm sure he will gnaw through them all. 

The Christmas tree and present came in a pack of 3 (there's also a snowman) and they're just wooden chew toys but how cute that they're festive!

Mr Snowman was by far his favourite! He can be eaten and is completely safe for rabbits but Parsnip just likes to fling him about.

Saying that on Christmas morning when i was putting everything in his hutch he decided to literally throw it all back out and throw Mr Snowman at me! Now Mr Snowman guards his food bowl!

Sussing out his presents
Completely content when i was rubbing his nose

 Super close up! 

Poorly Parsnip

Now just before Christmas my family noticed he had what looked like sleep in his eye, so me and Glen got him in my house when the family were out to try and bathe his eye. I had the shock of my life because when we went to pick him up his eye was bleeding and there was blood all in his little eyelashes and down his fur.

I went into panic mode; i now know a similar feeling to what it must be like if your child gets hurt.

It was a Saturday so we had to call the emergency vets and rush him in. The vet took a look at him though and said he has a wart growing on his eye, like where the tear duct part meets his fur. Luckily it seems he had knocked it to make it bleed and it doesn't look too serious so long as it doesn't grow any bigger or irritate him.

We could opt to have it removed but bunnies don't cope well under anaesthetic and it's hard to get them to eat and drink again so that's a no go for now!

I'm so glad he's ok and i haven't got a picture to show you his eye but it doesn't seem to be bothering him but it was so traumatic! Made me so worried about him it's all i could think about for a few days, constantly worrying when i wasn't with him.

That was so long but i like to share his little stories :)



  1. Lovely post, you took some great pictures. I think its sweet you let him celebrate Christmas, I am the same with my pets since they are part of the family they shouldn't have to miss out! I think the hanging sign is adorable and will make his hutch look so homely! I hope things stay good with his eye, I'd have panicked too. I'm sending Parsnip some get well wishes xx

  2. Poor Parsnip. I hope he gets better soon. He certainly was spoilt with all his presents. My Jack Russell Terrier, Roxie, was absolutely spoilt at Christmas. She got umpteen new toys and treats as well as a coat and a Christmas jumper. She was almost as spoiled as me and my other half! Haha.

    Debi x

  3. I love reading about parsnip, he's too cute! Sorry about his eye. You should get parsnip a lady friend, bunnies are social and like to be kept company by another. I hope he feels better soon and that wart doesn't get bigger. X