Sunday, 19 January 2014

Foundation Reviews Part 1

Wow what a mission it is to try and find the perfect foundation! I didn't realise how picky i was until it came to it.

So i had the saddened news that my foundation (L'Oreal Matte Morphose) was now discontinued; who knows why because i thought it was popular and it got great reviews on Boots. Anyway that was it; i needed to find a new one before mine ran out! 

Off to Boots i went and after looking online at reviews and prices i picked a few up to try out. I know it ends up being quite a lot of money when i won't use some of them again but what's a girl to do?!

My Skin

I trawled through so many online reviews from fellow bloggers to see their opinion on foundations and it really helped so i'm going to go through mine and what i thought of them but firstly just a bit about my skin so anyone out there with similar skin will know what/won't suit their skin type.

I have dry skin meaning that i moisturise every morning after a shower and i currently use Johnson's Daily Essentials day face care for dry skin. I tend to get dry patches on my temple and either side of my nose. I don't like to wear heavy makeup and like something natural feeling and i've never been fond of liquid foundation; always preffered mousse types. Oh and i'm really super pale!

Name: Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection in Number 3, Biscuit
Claims: It says it has 16 hour wear, oil free and SPF 20.
Retails at Boots for: £5.99

The SPF i was really happy about and think it is a really great thing. It has a nice little pump and the smell for some reason reminds me of summer. I found though that this is one of the reasons i don't like liquid foundation. It feels really greasy and just doesn't really have much coverage i found. It was shiny and because i don't like to have it caked on i didn't really want to have to use concealer and powder on top. Unfortunatly i can't comment on the 16 hour wear as i took it off well before then for the fact my face felt horrid.

My Score: 1/5

Name: Maybelline - Fit Me Foundation in 120 Classic Ivory
Claims: Natural Coverage and SPF 18
Retails at Boots for: £7.99

Again the SPF is good and something i would be pleased to be in a foundation. I was quite looking forward to using this. I thought the bottle was nice and clean looking and the colour should be ok. Oh how i was wrong! I have never used a foundation that is so shiny! At first i thought i'd applied too much moisturiser so tried it again the following day with less moisturiser but i was so disappointed. No matter how much you blend it in it was just shiny all over, goodness knows what it would have looked like at the end of the day; i didn't wait to find out.

My Score: 1/5

Name: Max Factor Whipped Cream in Number 40, Light Ivory
Claims: Demi-matte coverage giving a radiant glow
Retails at Boots for : £9.99

I was excited to try this as it's new and i've seen the adverts on TV for it. I was happy that it was in a bottle and thought it would be similar to Matte Morphose and not so runny as liquid foundation. Now i picked this up in the lightest shade as i always would but for some reason something just doesn't look right with this foundation. I look so washed out and super pale like i'm ill. I feel like this foundation is very close to liquid as it's not as mousse like as what i'm used to. Sadly it made the dry parts of my skin really noticable too so i pretty much looked awful in it. I think thought that this foundation would be really nice if you had combination skin and if i'd gotten it in a slightly darker shade.

My score: 2/5

Name: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick in Number 115, Ivory
Claims: Anti-shine 2 in 1. Enriched with powders to absorb any oils
Retails in Boots for: £8.99

Never before had i tried anything like this and it was next to the Maybelline Fit me Foundation so i thought i'd give both a go. I was just intrigued to see what the consitency would be like. It feels like a lipstick and i just applied it over the redness parts of my face to begin with. I was pleasantly surprised with this. No dry patches standing out and it blended into my skin really well. I actually didn't use this for full coverage simply because i didn't need to. I have only used it the once so far and from what i can see it is brilliant to use on it's own when you don;t want a full face of make up. I would use this on a Sunday when i'm chilling but still want to go out with make up on. I did try using this over the Fit Me foundation and it did reduce the shine a little but i just think the foundation was far too greasy for anything.

My Score: 4/5

I'll be doing Part 2 on Tuesday with the other 4 remaining foundations and then i will give my overall favourite and which one i'm going to stick with.

If anyone has any other suggestions though i would love to hear them to give them a go!



  1. I use the Whipped Creme foundation and find that it applies much better if you use a brush! I have the same problem with dry, red skin around my nose and it's really noticeable most of the time but with this it covered the redness and most of the dry patches! When I used my fingers I had the same result with it not covering the problems areas of my face properly so it really makes a difference how you apply it.
    I'm usually quite pale with foundation and I ended up getting it in Natural and it's a perfect shade, maybe have a look at a slightly darker colour? :)
    Jess from xx

  2. I am on a constant search of the perfect foundation. I've never found one I completely love. I do really like the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation for evening, Its too heavy and full coverage for during the day. I do quite like the No.7 stay perfect foundation especailly because you can get colour matched! The other one I have at the moment that I'm quite liking is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation but I think the colour is slightly off for me unfortunately.
    I have really dry skin and quite a few dry patches so I run screaming from all mousses as the ones I've tried I find cling like nothing on earth to dry skin. I'd say give No.7 a go and ask them to colour match you, my shade really works for my skin and they have a good range of foundations to select from. I'm sure if you asked they would give you samples to take home and try as well!

    Caitlin x

  3. I love the Fit Me Foundation!I love dewy foundations a lot and I seriously enjoy it.heh
    If you're looking for a good coverage foundation that is matte,I would suggest Bourjois 123 Perfect.I'm using it atm and I don't use a powder at all.[And I have combination/oily skin.]

  4. Such a shame you have had trouble with the Fit me foundation I absolutely love it! Infact I'm on the last bit in my bottle now, I have a much paler shade and don't find it shiny but I do mattify all my foundations with a powder so I guess I wouldn't really see that! Great review :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  5. I found this so interesting!! Will definitely be reading more :)

    Char | Char's Insights