Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Nails #1

I hope everyone is all prepared now for Christmas! With less than a week to go it is the final end of the Christmas countdown and some people are manicly rushing around finding the last gifts and cards; shops are crazy at the moment so i'm trying to avoid them!

Here's my first lot of Christmas inspired nails, i love red and white - you can't really go wrong with it and a bit of glitter thrown in for good measure :)



For this i used a 17 nail polish which is my all time favourite red (no name on the bottle)! Actually i think i'll get another one because it's so gorgeous; if i can find the name of it. Then i used Barry M Red Glitter for the tips and Natural Collection nail tip whitener for the detailing.

Unfortunatly i'm sad to say that within a day the glitter started to chip off; no idea why as it stayed on great when i did my whole nails in the glitter and i used top coat but hey.

It's made me feel more in the Christmas spirit with my nails like this and hopefully at the weekend i will have another Christmas nail mani for you :)