Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Gold and Black

Dontcha think gold and black go so well together! I think they both compliment each other so well and stand out when paired together. 

I don't even remember which gold i used for this but it's quite a yellowy gold and then i just used my black models own nail art pen. I didn't have any nail tape to hand so it was all done freehand as you can see from the occasional smudge or wonky line.

I randomly chose patterns for each finger but kept the same pattern for both hands but just on different fingers.

My favourite nail is the one that's mainly black but with the horizontal gold stripes, if/when i do these again i think i'll do majority black with a little gold. Which nail do you prefer?



  1. Black & Gold are a super combo indeed :)
    Pretty mani - my favourite is your middle finger on your left hand ;)

  2. What cute mani. I love the colors combination too :)