Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I still absolutely love this base colour - OPI 'Don't Talk To Me'. It's such an unusual colour and i suppose nothing i would usually go for but Glen bought it for me and i love it; it's so great for a base colour. 

With some careful holding of breath and precision i came up with this :)

I'm really happy with how it all turned out! There were a few nails that i had to touch up because they didn't look quite right and it could still have done with a few tweaks but overall i liked the colours and that it was so delicate.

I really need to get some proper nail art brushes as at the moment i'm just using ones that i used to use in art! I like doing detailed mani's and having to really make it into a mini piece of art but my it takes up some of my concentration and after a while i start getting too much of a perfectionist.

I'd love to do something similar like this but with blue buds instead, i think it would look really pretty against the greens :)



  1. Your nails are super cute!! xx
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  2. Really lovely - can' believe you actually managed the design on both hands: well done! :))

  3. What a pretty mani, and it looks so detailed! You must have a steady hand.