Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Life's Little's...Loathes #1

I thought i might make this a new 'thing' on here; 'Life's Little's'. It's good to appreciate all the small things in life but it's also good to have a moan and get all those annoying things out there too. What better place to write them down?!

There's a little button over there ----------------------> which will link up all of these posts and feel free to add your own; it's hard to think on the spot!


1. When your foundation gets discontinued (yes L'Oreal Matte Morphose I am looking at you).

2. When you're stuck in traffic and an ambulance has it's sirens blaring and it can't get through - someone could be dying (wow how optimistic).

3. Waking up in the night in winter and thinking you have about 3 hours sleep left before you get up and realising you have to be up in like half an hour.

4. Thinking you have more drink left and picking up your glass/mug and realising you don't.

5. IPod getting flat battery in the middle of a really good song.


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