Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Green to Blue

I thought i'd try something a little more relaxed and not so thought about. I decided to use 5 different shades of polish (plus white) and used a different colour on each nail. Looking through my nail polish collection it was easiest to pick out 5 green/blue polish for this mani.

L-R: Natural Collection Tip Whitener; MUA Pistachio Ice Cream; Miss Sporty Blue Bath; Miss Sporty Ferris Wheel; Miss Sporty Raindrop; Primark Blue Nail Polish

Overall i really liked this and the fade from one colour to the next and it was so simple to do which was great because i didn't have to be overly neat doing it and because the colour was all over the place i found it stayed on my nails longer (apart from the bit you can see on my thumbnail that cracked off)



  1. Thats really cool! I love it :) very unique idea :) x

    Sinead |