Thursday, 23 January 2014

Film List

A while ago last year i started to make a list of all the films or DVD's i wanted to see but i just wanted to do an update and add some more to it :)

I always see a trailer and think 'Wow that looks good' then a week later i've forgotten all about it and probably will never see it. I'll be updating this regularly so if you want you can check back and see what i've added. Feel free to comment below with suggestions; there's only so long i can go through Amazon's DVDs looking for good ones.

To the right, just over there ---------> you'll see a button that says 'Little Lists'.

Click on that and it will bring up a number of posts that are little lists for me; i'm planning to do one for books too and then whatever else pops into my head.

1. Monsters inc university
2. Despicable me 2
3. The Great Gatsby
4. World War Z
5.  The Purge
6. Dark Skies
7. 7500 
8. The Frozen Ground 
9. The Conjuring 
10. Kick ass 2
11. White house down 
12. Elysium
13. Turbo
14. Frozen 
15. Aftershock
16. The Clinic
17. Bag of Bones
18. VHS 2
19. Carrie
20. The Wolf of Wall Street
21. 3D Gravity
22. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
23. Dawn of The Planet of the Apes
24. Rise of The Planet of the Apes
25. Ride Along
26. Neighbours
27. Almost Human
28. Welcome to Yesterday
29. The Other Woman
30. Noah
31. Maleficent
32. Gone Girl
33. Moms night out


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  1. World War Z is the most amazing movie!