Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Buzzing stripes

I'd never tried this OPI nail colour before, it's just been sat in my box amongst the other nail polishes and it's just never grabbed my eye, so i thought i'd give it a go, the second time one after the other - must be good!

Believe it or not, the lines are actually green, though they look grey/black in the pictures.

L-R: OPI 'Don't Talk To Me', Miss Sporty 'Raindrop'

As you can probably tell, i didn't use stripping tape for these. I just simply did a coat (or 2, i can't remember) of this OPI polish and then did some lines. I just love using this OPI polish, it goes on so smoothly and it's such a gorgeous colour (the photo's don't do it justice) 

I can't quite describe the colour, it's kind of yellow but with a tinge of green in there but anyway i really like it :) and it stands out lovely when i was wearing black!

Hope you're all having a good week! What other OPI polishes are really nice? I own a few but would love to get more becuase of how smooth they go on and the colours just seem different and really special.



  1. Wow your nails are amazing x

  2. wow! looks amazing :)
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  3. Great nails! Thanks for the comment on my blog, i have followed you, maybe follow me back?? xx