Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bold colours

Wow this week is flying by! i can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already - work's been a bit hectic this week so I've been keeping my head down and then i look up and realise almost the weekend!

It's so nice seeing the sun (though i don't hold much hope of it lasting all that long) soon as the sun poked it's yellow little head from behind the clouds that was it...shorts and sunny's out :) gotta make the most of these things.

Can't believe this year has gone so fast, almost May already, which means i have under 4 weeks left of being 21 - since when did i get old?! I still feel about 18 (and look even younger)

aaaaanyway on to the actual post instead of me going on; I really love these colours and was pleased with how it turned out once I'd tidied up!

Wow, messy!
L-R: Barry M "392 - Grey", Rio nail art pen, Rimmel "430 Corralicious", Collection 2000 "48 - Candy Floss"

I was pleased with how straight these lines turned out considering i did it free hand and all the different angles. 

Really can't wait for the weekend - hopefully going shopping for my birthday presents :) will just be so nice to sleep! Do you have any plans for the weekend?



  1. These are So cute! Wish I could do my nails this well - lovely blog :)

  2. Amazing turnout! I shall be trying this soon xo