Monday, 25 March 2013


So i was thinking the other day 'remember when everyone used to crimp their hair?!' and then i thought 'hang on i think we still have some somewhere!'

So i dug them out and decided to crimp my hair!! YAY :)

It made me feel like i was 12 years old again - and it made my hair feel so thick (it's naturally really fine)

These were the crimpers; i used the wider crimping plates so they weren't tight crimps.

they were called 'Crazy Babes' i totally felt crazy! and here are the tighter crimped plates that come with them, along with flat ones used to straighten your hair.

Has anyone else crimped their hair lately? Or remember any other hairstyles they used to have when they were younger?

I am soooooooo relieved it's a bank holiday this weekend and fingers crossed it's going to be lovely and sunny :)


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