Sunday, 27 January 2013

New Stuff!!

Heeeeeello bloggers!

Well i bought a few things from my second favourite shop (my first is H&M)...AMAZON! i absolutely love Amazon i find it so useful that it sells so many things and i always love to buy used books and CD's off there because it's waaaay cheaper.

OK, so here's what i bought - A Stargazer lipstick in shade 102, Orange; Beyonce '4' CD; Dear Future Me journal and 5 year Q&A a day journal.

I was undecided at Christmas time whether to get this album or not but i listed to it on itunes and decided to get a used - like new one which is great and I've really enjoyed this album so far from what I've listened to.

Now i really wanted to get a journal this year (stems from the love of lists) but i just couldn't decide from these 2; so i just thought what the heck - and bought them both!

Basically this one it asks you a question everyday and you answer it on that date of the year - you fill in the year and then complete it over 5 years. So at the end you can compare them and remember where you were and what you were doing each year :)

Oh and the edges of the pages are gold so it looks so pretty from the side!

Next up is this 'Dear Future Me' journal. I got one similar last year for my Grandads birthday. where he had to fill in the questions and then give it back to me - it was such a great idea, i found out so much more that i didn't know and it's great to keep forever to look back on.

Sooo, i haven't had a proper look through it yet (i was a bit late into the year ordering them) but it asks you lots of questions and then in like 40 years i can read it back and see if i agree with it or not :)

Last up, i got this BRIGHT ORANGE lipstick. i really wanted the Barry M one but i can't seem to find it anywhere. So i got this one and it really is bright - i won't use it on it's own, i'll just pop it over a coral colour (will post pictures when i've worn it)

Do you own any journals? or any orange lipsticks that you could recommend? 

Have a great day :)



  1. that book si so cute

  2. I have a very similar journal to yours except mine is a daily happy thought record :) x

  3. Beyonce '4' CD? wow,great music, i love her. :)


  4. Another comment, your blog is so pretty. :)


  5. Love your journal! xo

  6. I love the look of that journal and lipstick!

    Love Daniela (new fan) -

    P.s. I have a jewellery giveaway featured on my blog until tomorrow, if you'd like to check it out :)