Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cocoa Butter vs Johnsons day cream


For a while now i have been trying to find the perfect face moisturiser. I have dry skin and apply moisturiser each morning after I've had a shower. For a few years now i have been using Palmer's cocoa butter but then i was wondering if it was contributing the redness of my skin. 

On Palmer's it says nothing on the bottle about it being suitable for the use on your face so i thought maybe it was a little strong for the sensitive skin on my face so started to go on the hunt for another one.

After trawling through blogs on blogger i found a few reviews and decided to try out Johnsons Day cream for dry skin.

Firstly, my opinion on Palmer's Cocoa Butter - I use the 250ml which is priced at £3.77 at boots at the moment. It obviously has the distinct coca butter smell which is really nice and my boyfriend always used to say that my face smelt like chocolate :)
It goes on really smooth and soaks into my skin really well.

Now, onto Johnson's Day Cream - i use the 50ml which is priced at £4.07 at boots. At first i was a bit dubious that it wasn't going to be as moisturising as Palmer's but it looked really smooth and i thought that as it was specifically a face cream then it would be good for my skin. 

Now the price difference is quite a lot. Both of them last for ages and the Johnson's cream really is so smooth and delicate, you really don't need to use much at all. I've been using Johnson's cream for about 2 months now and i have noticed a difference; my skin doesn't seem as red anymore and it feels really smooth.

I'm rally impressed with Johnson's cream and will definitely stick with it from now on and just use Palmer's cocoa butter on other parts of my body.


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