Monday, 3 December 2012


Hello lovelies :)

Today i wanted to share with you all the skincare products that i use! Now before we go any further - i have dry skin so my views on these products will be how they suit my skin - though for some products they do other versions that suit other skin tones.

First up is Sanex! I really love sanex and one good thing about it is that it lasts for absolutely ages! I get a bit funny about using frangranced things on my skin because of all the ingredients and some just smell so fake it makes me wonder how good it is for my skin. I think the Sanex smells so lovely but not overpowering, just like a subtle tone to it. I use the sensitive version for it and it seems to work really well for my skin, both on my body and my face :)

Next up is my make up wipes - i seem to have tried a few of these. I can't remember what different brands i've used previously but my one before this one was the Simple wipes for sensitive skin. They suited my skin well but i was just getting a bit sick of the price of them so i decided to try a cheaper version to see how it compared.

I went for Superdrugs own brand for sensitive skin (they do other variations). you get 25 wipes in each pack and for 99p i wasn't fussed if i wasted my money. I was kind of surprised by these because i didn't think they would be as good as i'de hoped but they were! Yay :) 

Not only is it a bargain but they have worked better than the simple wipes in my opinion. I've found in the past that some wipes can be quite dry and i just don't feel like they get my make up off. These wipes aren't like that at all but at the same time don't get my face overly moist. They're a decent size too (i was a bit apprehensive and thought they'de be tiny and you'de need 2 or more each time) For 99p i am much happier with these!

OK, i know the picture is rubbish but i thought this was worth a mention. It was from Next and it's the shimmer body lotion from they're 'Gold' Collection. now i think this collection was a while ago and i don't think you can get it anymore but it smells so lovely that i thought it was worth a mention. I do only use this on my legs and boy it makes me feel great! moisturised legs with a hint of sparkle and glitter to them! what more would you want?!

Elemis!!! Wooo! passing through superdrug one day and a lady was giving out free samples (Who doesn't love free samples?!) now i love free samples but usually they just sit on my bedside table and never got used but this caught my eye.

First up - 'Peachy perfect gentle face wash'. Nothing overly special here in my opinion but i rushed a bit because i was eager to try the face mask.
Second - 'Deep clean puryfying face mask'. OH EM GEE. This is THE best face mask i have ever tried. i can't even express how soft my skin felt afterwards. it was so beautiful and i got a decent amount in the sample. Things were going good, then came the moisturiser.
Lastly - 'Softly softly daily moisturiser'. Now i didn't even apply all of the sample because i started putting it on and it just seemed like a lot. i did it about half an hour before bed to relax and m face felt a bit clogged up but i thought let it sink in overnight. Disappointingly the next morning i woke up and i felt like it was still sat on my skin. it felt so horrible and i have dry skin so i wouldn't like to know how it would feel on oily skin.

I would definitely recommend the face mask but i can't seem to find a bottle of it anywhere, only the sachets which are a bit expensive. Please, if you find a bottle of it for sale let me know :)

After feeling a little diheartened abotu the previous - i decided to go on the hunt for more face masks.

Again. Superdrugs own grabbed my attention and it was on offer :) I decided to get the 'Raspberry exfoliating mud mask' and 'Aloe Vera Deep cleansing mud mask'

I really love the raspberry one it smells so gorgeous (some people may find a little too sweet) and you can feel it exfoliating straight away. I was so happy with the result because it made my skin so so soft - not quite as soft as elemis but for much much cheaper i wasn't expecting it to be this good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

The aloe vera one wasn't so good for me, it left my skin feeling a little dry after so i had to apply some moisturiser. Overall it was OK but just wan't for my skin tone so i wouldn't be buying again.

 Lastly - Nail polish remover pads! Just to say i don't know what i would do without them, they are so much easier and more convenient than bottled nail polish remover. Again, superdrugs own are really nice and do a good job.

Woah what a long post!! Rambled on a bit there. Hope everyone is getting excited for christmas! I'd love to hear your skincare must haves and also if anyone has similar skin to me and has tried bio oil or similar items - how good ar they?


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