Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blue and White

Hi guys :)

Here's a simple little mani I thought I'd share with you. I did it a few months ago but hadn't got round to sharing it until now.

Firstly i put some celotape over half of my nails going diagonally and in opposite directions on every other nail. Then just painted on the white over that half. Once I'd done this I then removed the cellotape and voila.

I used my magnetisma nail polish in blue (with the magnet), revlon white tips and my models own pen.

Once the white had dried i added on the blue magnet nail polish and used the magnet, but as you can see it didn't really give any effect. To tidy things up i added a little black line to divide the two colours.

I'm guessing most of you own a nail art pen, but if you don't, YOU SHOULD! This is what they look like, the thicker end is such a nice brush and long enough to just glide along your nails. the pen end is so good aswell, it's really easy to control and is thick enough not to just ooze out.

Hope you like it ladies :)



  1. Love your nails and how you put the stripe down them--they look sooooo cool and superhero!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  2. These look awesome!
    quick tip though, to get straight lines down the middle i use sellotape, e.g. sellotape diagonally one half of your nail and paint,once dry remove the sellotape paint other half and youll have a strait line!
    Not saying anything bad because theyre fab, i just find that method helps as i dont have a very steady hand.

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  4. I definitely would like to try this celotape method you used; I really like how neat and clean the design is :)