Sunday, 30 September 2012

Daisy on pink

Evening ladies,

Today i have a little flowery number to show you. I was in the mood for pinks and feeling girlie. I hadn't tried something so small before so i thought a flower would be the best way to start. 

Ok, so, first i just did my nails pink. I realised that i didn't own a baby pink coloured nail polish and i was like oh em gee. So i had to go and get one pronto. I saw this little beauty by collection 2000 and thought i may as well give it a go. Above is one coat and it was actually thicker than i thought it was going to be, though obviously you would want more than one coat.

L-R: Collection 2000 - Hoola Hoop, Revlon (don't know what one it is, it went really gloopy so i had to throw it out once i'd done this manicure) - , Rimmel Lasting Finish - Sunshine 055, China Glaze - In the Limelight (Neon)

2 coats was all i needed and then i was ready to rock and roll. I really love this shade, it's so girlie and just made me want to keep looking at my nails. Now was time for the fun part of doing the flower...

I chose to do the design on my middle finger, because it was the widest. I used a hair pin with a rounded end to do all of the flower, even the green stem. 

I was pleased with the pink and also pleased with the flower; but i think i should have done either the flower a different colour or base colour of my nails blue or something to represent the sky?! Oh well i can do that next time but i had fun and it turned out better than I'd anticipated.



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  1. This is so cute, wish I could paint my nails all artistic like!!

    Have you seen the jewellery giveaway on my blog yet??