Sunday, 9 September 2012

Barry M Chameleon and nail art pen

Hi all :)

Well in June i was just browsing around and i came across Barry M Chameleon nail polish. It was new out at the time and i was quite amazed and got a bit too excited and bought one on impulse. Now i only got the one colour to start with because i was unsure on how it would turn out.

I got it in the Pink colour and a while ago i also got the Models own nail art pen in the sale so i used them both for this design.

Ok, so this is 1 (maybe 2) coats of the Barry M nail polish and it's supposed to be colour change once the top coat is added. The colour does look exactly the same as it does in the bottle :) yay!

When it's on i did like it, i don't really own anything this colour or anywhere near this colour and it did have a nice shimmer to it. One thing i did notice was that it seemed quite um dry/thin because it started to flake off easily so i was't as wowed with it as i had hoped.

These are the final designs, i was so pleased with them :)

The nail pen came out a completely different colour, in the bottle/container it's neon bright pink (the colour you can slightly see on some of skin around the nails) but here it looks another purple colour. 

If you look really closely on my little finger you'll notice that it's a slightly darker shade, this is the finger i added top coat too. Once I'd added the top coat you couldn't see the nail art pen designs as much, they kind of combined into one colour :/ so i didn't add top coat on the rest of my nails even though this design didn't last so long because of it.

Hope you enjoyed it :)



  1. Cute nail art! I love that pink Barry M too! What colour is it supposed to change to?

  2. Thanks :) Um well from what I've gathered it changes to a slightly dark shade of purple but it didn't look so much of a drastic change on my little finger but then again i didn't try it much x

  3. Love it!