Thursday, 21 June 2012

Triple Colour


So me and my boyfriend went shopping and he insisted on buying me these 3 nail varnishes! I know brilliant right!

They're all Miss sporty nail varnishes, from L-R - lasting colours in 'Raindrop', clubbing colours in 'china glaze' and lasting colours in 'It's not my name'. Although none of them say the colours on the bottle. The colours are all really pearly and nice.

I was so excited that i wanted to try them all at i did. 

I used cellotape to block off the part of the nail i didn't want nail varnish on but the first time i did it, the cellotape picked up the turquoise colour so i had to take it off and start again. Turquoise seemed to be the only colour that it peeled off so i made sure i did the other colours first and left the turquoise until last. the lines turned out neat through i had to do a few touch ups. Really impressed with the colours as they actually look like they look in the bottle. I loved the contrast and how much each colour stood out. Can't wait to use these colours again, xx

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