Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Crackle Manicure

I wanted to do a manicure that would stand out a bit more than normal so decided to do a kind of barbie theme with pink and white. 

It turned out really well in the end and the colours stood out well compared to my black work clothes. I got lots of compliments on them so I'll definitely be doing them again and using various colour combinations. The pink nail varnish i used was by NYC in 'Greenwich Village' swatch which was under £2 (which i thought was a bargain considering the size of the bottle and the fact i only used 1, possibly 2 coats) and then the white crackle nail varnish by Barry M.

I used cellotape to cover most of my nail i wanted pink but the cellotape was quite strong so i had to wait a few hours before i did it so it didn't pull the pink nail varnish off. One thing i love about this is that it doesn't matter if some of the nail varnish chips off after a few days because of the effect it blends in xx

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